Alex Alexa Medical Directors

Dr. Blair

Dr. Paul Blair

Dr. Paul Blair is board certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Ear Nose and Throat surgery. He was born and raised in West Virginia, and studied at WVU for both his undergraduate work and medical school.

After graduating, Dr. Blair spent two years in the Air Force. He then spent five years teaching as faculty at Tulane Medical School.

Dr. Blair moved back to Huntington in 1988, where he has practiced since. In 2003, he moved his practice to Teays Valley, where he has a brand new office and state of the art facilities, along with Alex Alexa Medical Spa. For more information about Dr. Blair’s practice, visit his Web site

Dr. Kurucz

Dr. Jane Kurucz

Dr. Jane Kurucz (pronounced Cruise) is certified by the American Board of Surgery. She studied at WVU medical school, and had her residency at Alton Oshsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana.

From 2001-2004, Dr. Kurucz served as the St Mary’s Medical Center Cancer Liaison Physician, and was the co-director of the St. Mary’s Medical Center Breast Center in 2003. Dr. Kurucz recently joined the National Breast Center Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc. (NCBC). The membership allows for networking with fellow breast professionals, enhances collegial sharing and provides valuable information that will assist in patient care. The NCBC conferences address the latest issues such as “The Role of Oncology Nursing in Breast Cancer Care: From Prevention to Palliation,” “Mammography Positioning, Beyond the Basics,” “Breast Sonography” and “Breast Cancer: How Close is a Cure?”

In 2004, Dr. Kurucz joined Dr. Blair at his office in Teays Valley, where she sees patients who are dealing with breast cancer and other breast issues. For an appointment with Dr. Kurucz, or for more information, call (304) 201-3226.

Dr. Blair and Dr. Kurucz