Probiotic Peels

AlexAlexa offers a special peel known as the PROBIOTIC Peel.

What is the PROBIOTIC Peel?

Probiotic Peel is a non-invasive chemical peel that works from the inside out, rather than shedding the first few layers of skin off.

PROBIOTIC Peel utilizes new, revolutionary strengthening and volumizing technology designed to regenerate healthier skin from within. The difference from traditional chemical peels is this treatment is aligned with the philosophy of avoiding injury to stimulate the regeneration of healthier, youthful skin.

If you desire skin that glows and feels soft and youthful we recommend you contact our office at AlexAlexa to see if the PROBIOTIC Peel is right for you.  Call our office to speak to one of our professional staff. Call 304-201-3223 today