mybody™ ProductsMyBody AlexAlexa provides a variety of skin care products. However, each product has been researched to determine its effectiveness for the patients at AlexAlexa. The majority of the products are not easily purchased over the counter and working with the professionals at AlexAlexa they can assist you in achieve the maximum results from your skin care regimen.

The staff have found that the products offered in the mybody™ program are every effective and provide positive results for our patients.

What is mybody™?

mybody™ Productsmybody™ is a High-Performance Probiotic Skincare for the Face & Body. It has shown to restore a more youthful look with a healthy and natural balance to stressed, aging skin. The innovative formulas are enhanced with the latest science in Topical Probiotics, Key Peptides and Essential Micronutrients to help reverse aging and inflammation while tackling the toughest skin problems at their source. An optimal blend of nature, science and wellness, mybody™ prevents, repairs and rebuilds healthy skin that glows, from head-to-toe.

Is mybody™ right for me?

We recommend you meet with our highly professional staff to determine if the mybody™ products are the answer for you. Call our office today at 304-201-ALEX (2539)