Success Stories

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Dr. Blair & Alex Alexa,

Oh my goodness, I’m so thrilled with the results of my upper blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Blair!! Everyone who was part of the process at this office was so helpful and friendly, and the procedure itself was a breeze. Dr. Blair has years of cosmetic experience as well as board certification and i was highly confident in his ability to provide me with a natural looking result. He also has a sense of humor and an easy going way about himself that helps to alleviate any nervousness the patient might feel prior to their cosmetic procedure. If anyone is considering eyelid surgery by Dr. Blair to help take years off your appearance, I would say definitely go for it!


Dr. Blair & Alex Alexa,

I have utilized the services of Dr. Paul A. Blair numerous times, and each time producing stellar results! The man is a magician! I would highly recommend him and his friendly, knowledgable staff to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, in his warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. Don’t forget to check our his array o face care products.


Dr. Blair & Alex Alexa,

I have had several procedures at Dr. Blair’s office and I high recommend him as a great plastic surgeon for all your cosmetic needs.

Dr. Blair and his staff are competent, friendly and professional. Thanks to them for helping all of us with our needs.